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My name's Tailor. I love sending anon messages to myself and talking about choking down gallons of jizz and how I love me some man bums.

I love big glasses, bigger asses, and hipster shit like octopuses and giraffes.


27 April 12
Posted: 10:34 AM

Anonymous said: Oh Tailor, I find you to be so beautiful, how every post about man bums you make just makes me wish my man bum was hairy enough for you. Would you let me clean off your dingleberries, darling one?

4 u mah darlin

Posted: 10:30 AM

tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

26 April 12
gotta get summa dis 4 my bum

gotta get summa dis 4 my bum

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wipsering wilow, u my bas girlfrand, but this is a sexy piece

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